Commercial Carpet Cleaning

The Importance of Commercial Cleaning

Commercial carpet cleaning Bergen County NJ services are great for your office, retail space, or any other commercial location. The professional cleaners will work with you to create a custom plan that suits the needs of your company and budget. With affordable prices and flexible scheduling options, these professionals can provide a solution that is perfect for you!

In providing our commercial carpet cleaning services, we find it important to ensure that our customers understand the importance of scheduling commercial carpet cleaning regularly.

Many local businesses neglect their carpet. While they may feel that is less expensive to forego professional carpet cleaners in favor of regular vacuuming and carpet replacement, in many cases this is not the case. In fact, carpets that are regularly cleaned are far less likely to need to be replaced on a yearly basis, which is the reality of many local businesses who suffer from high foot traffic in their line of work. 

When a carpet is professionally cleaned, any underlying dirt or stains are able to be removed. This is important – many businesses find themselves having to replace the carpet not due to regular wear and tear, but due to a plethora of stains. What many companies fail to realize is that there are a wide variety of issues that can cause carpet staining, such as: 

  • food and drink spills
  • dirt, gum, and mud tracked in on the bottom of shoes
  • weather related issues 
  • water damage 

All of these can contribute to the need to replace a carpet far sooner than should be required – making the need to have your commercial carpet cleaning services exceptionally beneficial. It is, in some cases, helpful to think of rugs like cars – putting off regular maintenance only means that you will have to replace it much sooner than would be necessary under normal circumstances. 

As professional cleaners, we are also able to advise you on your overall needs. Our commercial carpet cleaning team provide a variety of services to assist your business, at a reasonable cost to you, such as: 

  • stain removal: stains are often issues in office spaces or areas where many individuals often walk through. Stains can come from a variety of places, as previously mentioned. That being said, it is important to have rugs cleaned regularly as soon as possible to maintain both the look of your rugs and the liveliness of your carpeting. 
  • smell elimination: often, harsh smells are one of the most difficult things to get rid of in carpet. Therefore, it is important to ensure that that all rugs cleaned regularly to remove set in odors and keep your commercial workplace smelling fresh. 
  • deep cleaning: deep cleaning is a process in and of itself that removes all scents and dirt trapped within a carpet, in many cases leaving it almost like new. 
  • Regular carpet maintenance: Regular cleaning is important for all types of carpeting as it helps improve the life of the carpet itself and reduce stains and other common rug issues 
  • tile cleaning: we also offer tile cleaning services – meaning areas that may be hard to reach and clean properly, such as bathrooms, can be taken care of at the same time as your rug needs. 

We encourage you to reach out to our technicians if you have questions or concerns about our commercial carpet cleaning services.

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