Pet Odor Removal and Stain Removal

Pet stains are a common problem that can happen to any pet owner. Whether it is from your dog or cat, these unsightly stains need to be taken care of before they have time to set into the carpet and create permanent damage. Our team at Bergen County Carpet Cleaning Pros has the best products for removing tough pet stains and odors from your carpets. We specialize in odor removal so you don't have to live with them anymore!

We all know that owning a pet is a lot of work and pet odor removal becomes a major challenge to all pets lovers. From the daily walks and the potty training to the late-night “I have to go out right now” wake-up calls.

And, of course, with all the training that goes into owning a puppy, despite all of this, there are accidents. Plus, puppies are messy – they get into things they shouldn’t, they track dirt and mud into the house, and they tear things apart and knock things over. With all that, pet odor removal becomes necessary.

Ultimately, owning a puppy – or even a full-grown dog – can be messy. If you own a house or live in an apartment, you know for a fact that maintaining your carpet when owning pets can be a pain. Even with cats, you have the worry of hairballs and litter tracking – no matter what you do, it seems, there is always something. And when your furry friend needs a bath, they sometimes trap their own personal smells into the carpet, making your entire house smell like your pets and you as a pet owner need to worry about pet odor removal or pet stain removal.

Of course, nobody wants that but finding a way to keep the smells from spreading throughout your entire house can seem impossible. There are, of course, thousands of on-the-shelf products that advise that they eliminate pet problems at the source – however, realistically, that simply isn’t the case.

These products are great at temporarily masking the smell with the scent of your choice, however, they are not able to penetrate the layers of your carpet and break down the chemicals causing the pet odor, leaving you never truly satisfied. 

It may seem that keeping a carpet in a home with pets is more work than it is worth – however, with professional carpet services, it does not have to be. Our team of professionals is able to deep clean your carpet, going far below the surface of the carpet that is on the shelf, store cleaners target. Our team is able to mitigate pet odor removal from each layer of your carpet, washing out the harsh chemicals that cause the smells to linger. 

Furthermore, we provide a stain removal service – meaning we are able to eliminate stains left behind by your furry friends. Whether your cat got sick, or your puppy had an accident, we are able to target both the whole carpet and the problem spots, solving the vast majority of all of your pet-related problems. 

Naturally, if you have any questions in regards to your Bergen County NJ carpet cleaning services, you are more than welcome to speak to one of our qualified technicians, who will provide you with insight on which of our services would work best for you.

Furthermore, our pet-safe cleaning products will allow you to feel at ease – your furry friend will be able to enjoy their carpet space without you worrying that they will be affected by harsh chemicals used to clean your rugs. Our primary goal is to provide you and your furry family with a clean, happy home – and ensure that the rugs in your home last you for many years to come.

Carpet Cleaning Bergen County Pros has been providing professional carpet cleaning services for over 25 years. We take pride in our work and we know you'll be happy with the results. Whether you have a pet at home or your carpets are simply dirty, Carpet Cleaning Bergen County Pros can help! Give us a call today to schedule an appointment.

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