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When it comes to cleaning your carpets, you want a company that can provide the best quality service. Bergen County Carpet Cleaning Pros is a family-owned and operated business with over 20 years of experience in carpet care. We offer commercial carpet cleaning as well as residential services for any size or type of home or apartment. Call today for a free quote!

Have you been looking into hiring Professional Carpet Cleaning Bergen County NJ professionals for your home or office to eliminate the stains, odors, and years of dust underneath the surface of your rug or carpet? How much does carpet cleaning cost and do you need to clean it in the summer or spring to avoid the smell of chemicals? Are there any chemicals in carpet cleaning?  Questions like these can make anyone’s head spin. Bergen County Carpet Cleaning Pros are here to provide you with the solutions to all rug, carpet, tile, and grout cleaning services and available options to consider. As leading carpet cleaners NJ specialists, we can help.

About Us

Our Company, Bergen County Carpet Cleaning NJ Pros, has over 15 years of experience in a wide range of cleaning services. We provide professional cleaning services to Bergen County NJ area with a variety of specialties and types of cleaning. Whether you need a deep cleaning of an accent rug, a throw rug, or total carpet flooring, we will be able to provide the services you need. 

Moreover, our carpet cleaners NJ professionals provide services on both the residential and the commercial levels. This being said, we clean many different types of carpets and with a variety of outcome goals. Whether you have a nice shag rug that needs to be washed or requires pet stain removal, we provide a type of service that will meet your needs. As your local carpet cleaning business, we want to ensure that you are satisfied and your needs have been met. Our services cover all types of rugs and all types of needs – even if you need a beautiful oriental rug deep cleaned, we have the types of services you need. 

Primarily, our goal is to be your go-to carpet cleaners NJ guys. Whether you have concerns about the state of your carpet or need a thorough cleaning, we want to be able to provide the cleaning services you need in order to be satisfied.

Carpet Cleaning Bergen County Pros has been providing professional carpet cleaning services for over 25 years. We take pride in our work and we know you'll be happy with the results. Whether you have a pet at home or your carpets are simply dirty, Carpet Cleaning Bergen County Pros can help! Give us a call today to schedule an appointment.

Residential Carpet Cleaning

Bergen County Carpet Cleaning Pros is a premier carpet cleaning company in Bergen County NJ. We are proud to offer the best in residential and commercial carpet cleaning services. The professionals will come on site, clean your carpets with deep-cleaning products, and leave them looking fresh as new! Schedule an appointment today for our quality service at affordable prices.

As residential carpet cleaners in Bergen County NJ, we provide a variety of in-home services for you to choose from. In most cases, we are able to provide services to meet your need for cleaning – with a plethora of different types of professional cleaning services, our primary goal would be to ensure carpets in your home are cleaned to your satisfaction. At the end of the day, our carpet cleaners NJ team wants to ensure that you are pleased with our services. 

What Services Do You Provide?

As a professional company that specializes in residential carpet services, we provide in-home services that fit a variety of different needs, such as: 

  • Area Rug Cleaning: many individuals own small accent rugs, usually measuring less than 12′ by 12′. Often, these rugs are more neglected than regular household rugs, as our customers don’t always see the need to deep clean these rugs. However, we can guarantee you will see the difference with one service you will see the difference. Furthermore, regular cleaning of your accent rug will increase the overall longevity of your rug. 
  • Oriental Rug Cleaning: oriental rugs are, in many cases, considered heirlooms and passed down through generations. Therefore, taking care of these rugs is important to many of our customers. Our specific cleaning solutions ensure the integrity of the rug remains intact while also properly treating and cleaning the piece or pieces – therefore allowing you to feel safe knowing your rug will stay in pristine condition for generations to come. 
  • Throw Rug Cleaning: Much like accent rugs, throw rugs are popular – whether they are in an office place or under your living room table. These rugs often receive a decent amount of foot traffic – therefore, cleaning them regularly is important. 
  • Shag Rug Cleaning: Often, during the construction of a home or apartment complex, a rug is laid in areas such as the bedroom to provide comfort and noise reduction. These types of carpet are known for trapping dirt deep within their fibers, making it important to regularly have these cleaned. 
  • Pet Stain Removal: Anyone who has owned a pet in the past knows, sometimes accidents happen. Pet’s smells can sink into your carpet, and it can feel like no number of store-bought products will be able to successfully eliminate the odor. However, our deep cleaning solutions are able to penetrate fibers and eliminate these smells, leaving your carpet smelling fresh and looking rejuvenated. 
  • Grout and Tile Cleaning: an additional service our company provides the removal of dirt from tile. At the end of the day, it may seem almost impossible to get your tiles fully clean – however, our cleaning solution is able to remove dirt from tile and from your grout with ease, leaving them looking new. This is important to ensure the longevity of your tiles, as well as their appearance. 

These services are among others we provide – if you have specific questions or concerns in regards to the types of services our carpet cleaners NJ specialists are able to offer, we advise that you speak with your professional carpet technician. They will be able to guide you through the process of your cleaning process and advise you on what services and products you may need to ensure that your carpet receives the treatment it should. Ultimately, our goal is to satisfy your needs – therefore, we encourage individuals to speak with their technician to determine what is best for them.

Commercial Carpet Cleaning

Bergen County Carpet Cleaning Pros is a professional carpet cleaning company in Bergen County NJ. We offer commercial and residential carpet cleaning services to customers throughout Bergen County. Call us today for an estimate on your next job!

Our business also provides services as commercial carpet cleaners. On a commercial level, we are able to assist businesses and property managers in maintaining the integrity of flooring included in their buildings. Often, large office spaces are neglected. Depending on the type of business you run, your carpet may receive quite a lot of foot traffic, making regular service a necessity in order for your business to thrive. 

What Type of Commercial Carpet Cleaning Services Do You Provide?

Our NJ carpet cleaners provide a wide variety of services on a commercial level to assist in the longevity of your carpet. Often, carpets in high traffic areas – such as waiting rooms or hallways – are subject to quite a lot of foot traffic, which can cause a variety of carpeting concerns, such as: 

  • Stains: stains to carpets can come from a variety of different issues, such as water leaks from pipes, spills, tracked in dirt, or rain water. These stains are not only often unsightly but may cause permanent damage to the carpet that requires it to be replaced more frequently, at greater expense to the business owner. 
  • Odors: much like stains, can come from a variety of different causes. Most often, odors are due to potential mold – meaning it is very important to have your carpet cleaned regularly to ensure no mold sets in. However, these can also come from other sources, such as tracked in dirt or spills. 
  • Dirt: regular dirt is often tracked into many places of business, simply due to the high level of foot traffic that many experience. And while standard vacuums may be able to pick up some dirt, they are often unable to deep clean the carpet in a way that is beneficial long term, making having your carpet regularly cleaned very important to the presentation of your business and the services provided. 

Our commercial carpet cleaners NJ specialists are able to provide solutions for all of the issues above, assisting you in maintaining the longevity of your carpet. While many business owners are unaware of this, regular carpet upkeep ensures that your overall carpet life is extended. Carpets often suffer due to the neglect of proper cleaning and stain removal. When properly cleaned and maintained, even rugs that experience high foot traffic will be able to maintain its overall integrity. 

Ultimately, regular cleaning reduces the regularity with which the carpet needs to be replaced. Removing stains and dirt from rugs also ensures that the carpet itself is able to successfully hold up against foot traffic – meaning you have less to worry about when it comes to the carpet’s life, and reduces the risk of wear and tear or fraying. We provide commercial cleaning services to you and are willing to work within your budget to ensure the overall integrity of your carpet. Of course, our professional carpet technician will be available to answer any questions you may have about the process and provide guidance and assistance, should you have any questions in regards to your carpet maintenance. We want to provide you with a satisfactory experience, like your one of the local carpet cleaning businesses.

Pet Stain and Odor Removal

No matter what type of pet you have, we can help take care of the stains. Our carpet cleaners in Bergen County NJ are trained to remove all types of pet stains, including urine and vomit. If your dog has an accident on your rug, don't panic! We will get it out for you at a competitive price. With our low prices and guaranteed results, there's no reason not to give us a call.

As Carpet Cleaning Bergen County NJ specialists, we understand pets – we know exactly how easy it is for a pet to make a mess in your home. Everyone who has owned a pet in the past knows that it is possible for them to have accidents – whether in the potty training stage, in their old age, or simply because you weren’t home in time to let the dog out. It happens, and we know it happens – and, thankfully, we have a variety of cleaning solutions that are there to help get rid of those stains and smells as they come. 

How Do You Get the Odors Out of Carpet and Fabrics?

Many individual pet owners feel the need to ask this question – after all, it can seem nearly impossible, sometimes, to entirely eliminate the smell that comes from the pet having an accident in their home. Often, pet owners are drawn to store-bought products that promise to go deep within the carpet to eliminate scents. 

Unfortunately, in most cases, these products are only able to mask the odors temporarily – they mask the smell with pleasant scents, resolving the problem temporarily. Once the scent from the product has worn off, many pet owners notice the smell returning and feel as though there is nothing more that can be done to remove the smell. 

With a professional service, however, we are able to clean your carpet down to the foam padding underneath, where most pet odors sink in. We use a variety of chemicals – all of which are pet-friendly – to not only reduce the smells that may have settled into your flooring but break down the chemicals that cause the harsh smells that are left behind. This is, ultimately, the most important part of reducing animal-related odors

Furthermore, we are also able to break down the chemicals that cause staining in your carpet from pet-related issues. Whether it was an accident that your pet had indoors or a mess they made from playing in the rain, as one of your local businesses, we are confident that we will be able to provide you with a satisfactory service. Whether you have a few problem spots or a carpet that has been seemingly ruined by your furry family member, we are sure we will be able to reduce these in your home and eliminate stains left behind by your four-legged friend. Our company aims to find the best solutions for you, personally, and we are sure that we will be able to reduce and ultimately, eliminate any pet-related issues you may have. 

On top of this, we are able to assist in the timely cleaning of carpet – which increases the life of the carpet in your home. Many individuals worry that they may have to replace their carpet frequently thanks to their furry friends, but with regular cleanings, we will be able to guarantee your carpet stays in top condition. Our company is more than happy to assist in educating you on the importance of regular cleanings.​

Area Rug Cleaning

Bergen County Carpet Cleaning Pros offers area rug cleaning services in Bergen County NJ. We have been servicing Bergen County for over 20 years with quality service and affordable prices. Call today to schedule your appointment!

Most individuals own at least one area rug – whether you are a college dorm student, a homeowner, an office manager, or anywhere in between. These rugs are relatively popular, as they can be small or large in size and used to provide a pop of color to a room or accent an armchair. They can be credited for making a room more welcoming or providing an atmospheric value that someone may feel is missing. 

That being said, these rugs often end up with quite a few stains. They and often get dirty very easily. They are often placed in central places, meaning it is easy for dirt to be tracked onto them. Furthermore, the likeliness for substances such as drinks and food to be spilled onto the carpet is much higher. 

Often, when these carpets are dirty and stained, many individuals decide to dispose of the carpet and purchase a new one. However, with our professional carpet cleaners NJ expertise, we are able to revitalize the carpet itself using deep cleaning methods to penetrate any problem areas. The overall life of the carpet, typically, is greatly increased by regular cleanings. 

While many feel that a simple vacuuming should do the trick, they are unaware that the dirt and stains often settle into the padding of these rugs, beyond where the vacuum is able to reach. Our services will ensure that even small rugs are cleaned to the utmost extent. This should provide you with many more years of use, along with increasing the vitality of the carpet. Furthermore, regular cleanings are often able to revitalize the colors of the carpet itself, allowing it to provide your home with that pop of color you initially purchased it for. Our professional carpet technicians will assist you in understanding when to schedule regular carpet cleaners in Bergen County NJ.​

We’d like to take this opportunity to give a shout-out to our good friends at Lakeland Carpet Cleaning and Bloomington IL Carpet Cleaning who we’ve known for many years now. If you need your carpet cleaned, give them a call! 

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